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Pay Per Click Management Services

Pay Per Click or PPC, as the world knows it can be expanded as – pay for every click on your advertisement.

Why do you need an advertisement?

If you’re a small business who has just launched itself into the industry, you will want the public to know about you, your brand name, business, products & services, etc. An advertisement quickly helps you do that. Similarly, the businesses already prevailing in the market space with intent to expand can benefit from a well-framed PPC campaign.

What are the different types of advertisement?

Google AdWords – World’s most popular advertising platform helps you bring people close to your business for calls, interaction, and sales.
Facebook Ads – World’s premier social media platform entertains over a Billion users spread across the world. It offers a robust platform to reach a wide swath of people.

The above two are the biggest players in the market space. That means you can advertise your business to their audience and attain desirable marketing results.

How to advertise?

Technically, it takes the two key factors of CPC (Cost per click) bid and Quality Score into account for deciding the fate of the Ad Rank. The better the ads, the better will be the clicks at low costs.

Putting yourself into the frame of mind to advertise will be necessary since it’s a time-consuming, exhaustive, and expansive procedure. Starting with setting up of Google Ads account to searching for relevant keywords to optimizing campaigns, you will need a performance-oriented setup for gaining absolute results.

What we can do for you?

Sahoo WebSolutions Private Limited leads a team of PPC specialists, who are fully trained, experienced, and intelligent enough to drive a PPC campaign on your behalf. From optimizing ads to drive higher ROI to reviewing expensive and under-performing keywords, our team carries out every possible action to bring your potential customers for business.

What do you get?

S. M. A. R. T. or Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely approach followed by SWS Pvt. Ltd. gives you a concrete plan of action. Aligned with your online marketing strategy, we work towards establishing your brand recognition in the digital world. Getting sales, growing mail lists, receiving calls, in-shop visits, and future expansion are some of the major benefits you will gain through a decisive PPC campaign.

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We Offer Pay Per Click Management Services

Google Adwords
Facebook Ads Management
YouTube Video Ad

Don’t let this opportunity to go away & witness your business growth with us.

Campaign Includes:

  • Keyword Research & Selection
  • Ad Copy Creation
  • Conversion set up & tracking
  • Bid Management
  • Campaign Monitoring & Management
  • Results Tracking
  • Demographic Setup
  • Site link extensions
  • Landing Pages Optimization
  • Competitive Research
  • Geo Targeted Ads
  • Reporting

What makes us unique among all the odds & evens?

  • We will prepare strategy that will help you to win the race of paid ads.
  • Positive approach towards optimizing your conversion rate against your expenditures.
  • We update & monitor ad campaigns on regular basis to get high traffic & ultimate conversions.
  • We have some Google certified team members who are capable of running result driven Ad campaigns.
  • Always available to discuss and support our customers during a campaign.
With SWS, it’s not a hard task to get what you deserve the most. This is our sole responsibility to take care of your business promotions, Returns on Investment & organizational goal.


  • client

    “Sahoo Web Solutions“ has helped us consistently grow our small business for the past year. We are beyond excited to have found them and they are really great to work with. We had no idea how powerful SEO really is for improving organic search results, and we can now be easily found on the web. Sahoo Web Solutions has delivered what they promised and they are always timely sending their reports. We can highly recommend them to anyone looking to hire a reliable, trustworthy company for search engine optimization and beyond. Thank you Sushanta for all your help!

    Susanne Buchanan

    Marketing and Sales, Toe Kick Ductor
  • We are pleased to have found Sushanta and his team to take over our SEO needs. They are knowledgeable, reliable, honest, price competitive and professional.

    Jan Yamamoto

    Franchise Owner at MotoGolf
  • Sahoo Web Solutions has been an integral role in the exposure of my company and it's online presence.

    Dave Tomassen

    Owner & Founder | Mo Pros
  • We have worked with Sahoo Web Solutions for many years now and it has been a great experience. Within a few weeks after they started their magic, we noticed our ranking getting higher and also more orders coming in. Sushanta has been an amazing consultant who is very patient and also listened to all of our needs to offer a great plan that is affordable and works. I totally recommend them to any company who needs a marketing group.

    Josh M

    Home Bello
  • client

    Your staffs are simply incredible. You are one of those SEO Company in India that is reliable in order to get the anticipated outcomes. Truly one hell of a good job! Keep on working like this forever.

    Edward Donegan

    President, Owner, ABC Grill Catering
  • client

    We have been working with Sahoo Web Solutions for couple of years now and we found out that the service and the staffs of this company are really incredible. The professionals working on our projects are skilled, reliable and of friendly nature. They fulfill our requirements, answer all our queries, and sincerely work to handle any complex situation. They work with a proficient technical team along with account managers who take good care of their clients. I heartily thank them for their services.

    Bridget Goetze

  • client

    Sahoo Web Solutions definitely brought changes in our digital marketing methods for good. The company is beneficial in managing the SEO activities of our 2 websites which includes its designing and promotion. I will surely refer SWS to everybody looking forward to enhance their search engine rankings.

    Gary Moore

    C.E.O, Modaliti
  • client

    Sahoo Web Solutions definitely contributed and brought changes in our digital marketing strategies for good. The company is beneficial in managing all our SEO requirements which includes the design of our website and its promotion on search engines and social networking websites. I strongly refer this company to anybody looking for SEO services.

    Pragbhal Dash

    C.E.O, Monnaie Interior Designers Pvt. Ltd.
  • client

    We have been working with Sahoo Web Solutions for couple of years now. The team did an incredible job for my website. Being our online promotion partner, The Company has proved to be beneficial in enhancing the profitability of our company and making our website prominently visible on Google. We are grateful for their tips and support.

    Brad Smith

    Territory Development, Mobile Drugs Screen LLC
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