Susanne Buchanan
Marketing and Sales, Toe Kick Ductor

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Thank you Sushanta for all your help!

Edward Donegan
President, Owner, ABC Grill Catering

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Bridget Goetze

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Gary Moore
C.E.O, Modaliti

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Pragbhal Dash
C.E.O, Monnaie Interior Designers Pvt. Ltd.

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Brad Smith CST
Territory Development, Mobile Drugs Screen LLC

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Jan Yamamoto
Franchise Owner at MotoGolf

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Dave Tomassen
Owner & Founder | Mo Pros

“Sahoo Web Solutions has been an integral role in the exposure of my company and it's online presence.
When we launched our eCommerce business the typical thought process was to use Google Ad-words for providing targeted ads at users looking for our products. Given the investment, management, and constant oversight Google Ad-words requires as a company we quickly noticed the lack of long term value. Furthermore, Google Ad-words is incredibly costly and does not support organic search relevancy once the ad campaigns stop.
Sahoo Web Solutions removed all the resource time, freeing us up to handle more important matters our business required. Additionally, the oversight was cut by 90%, as SWS takes direction and runs the process; managing all internal aspects to deliver. Without SWS we would not have pushed to the first page of Google in 90 days.
Today, we sit at the number 1 or 2 position in google for over 20 keyword searches. When it comes to photos, google picture galleries are loaded with our content; making online researches visually see our industry impact. SWS plays the role in making this type of performance happen, there has never been a time where we have been displeased with the service or strategy SWS uses to meet our demanding needs.
Since our relationship we have shared SWS with many local businesses and our friends have seen great results. If you're looking to boost your awareness online, Sahoo Web Solutions is an easy path to support your business and friendly on the expenses as well.

Josh M

“We have worked with Sahoo Web Solutions for many years now and it has been a great experience. Within a few weeks after they started their magic, we noticed our ranking getting higher and also more orders coming in. Sushanta has been an amazing consultant who is very patient and also listened to all of our needs to offer a great plan that is affordable and works. I totally recommend them to any company who needs a marketing group."

George Teopaco
Managing Director,Bold Screen Printing

“I would love to thank Sushant and his entire team for their sincerity and professional attitude. I should acknowledge that when I employed SWS for the very first time, I have second thoughts about my decision and their proficiency level in the SEO industry. Obviously, It is not simple to understand the competency of a person, specifically that from any offshore country. But I decided to take the risk and gamble on their talents and abilities. Now that the company is managing couple of my websites successfully, I am impressed and thank them for the great job. Bold Screen Printing."

David Montgomery
President, AAA Marble Care

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Managing Director, Net Realty Now

“About couple of months ago, I got am email from a person named Sushant. He said that he will promote my business website. In the first place, I was baffled to enter in a business relation with any Indian company. But I was genuinely looking for a marketing company to promote my online business. Hence I decided to go for their services. Initially I have second thoughts but after a bit conversation over the phone, he convinced me. They started working on it and within the first couple of months I started noticing profitable outcomes. They selected the keywords for my business and I was perplexed with their work. I decided to retain the business relation with them. Thanks a lot to Sushant."

Tony Currie
Managing Director, Currie & Associates LLC

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